What Is Portal Feeder – The Internet Marketing Club

Portal Feeder a Rare Review

If you have come across Portal Feeder before you will find there is a distinct lack of information on this secret underground elite club. The lack of info on Portal Feeder is making many people wonder if it is legit.

The main reason the information on Portal Feeder is quite limited is because it is very much like a real internet marketing club. I guess it’s not as extreme as Fight Club where “The First Rule about Portal Feeder is don’t talk about Portal Feeder”.

However, many of the strategies and tools in Portal Feeder give internet marketers a clear advantage over their competitors. We don’t want this information made public as we’ll lose our advantage.

In fact I actually had to double check with the Portal Feeder admins that I wasn’t giving too much information when I was discussing Portal Feeder publicly.

When you look into Portal Feeder I think you will honestly be surprised of how much there is to this internet marketing club.

So What’s Portal Feeder All About?

Put Briefly Portal Feeder is a internet marketing club that trains webmasters with industry leading strategies and tools that allow webmasters to create high quality websites. Originally launched in 2005 Portal Feeder has continued to develop strategies and tools at the forefront of internet marketing.

Portal Feeder consists of:

– Website Software & Plugins

– Promotional Tools

– Beginner Training

– Advanced Training & Tactics

– Market Research Tools

– Link Building Tools

– Mentorship

– A Private Forum

– Group Projects

– Competitions & Prizes

– Regular Insider Tips

So as you can see there is quite a lot to this internet marketing club with a variety of tools, training and strategies that caters from beginner to advanced webmasters.

When I make a site I really like to think big and aim to be a leader within my niche. Portal Feeder has played a solid role in giving me a solid competitive advantage that allows me to compete with some well-funded sites.

Is Portal Feeder For Me?

Portal Feeder is ideal for online entrepreneurs at the beginning of their career who are looking to find a shortcut to the advanced tactics for marketing a website. There is a variety of training covering everything from installing a blog to building a mailing list. Many of the training modules come complete with videos.

Nevada’s Goldfield Hotel Said to Be Portal to the Other Side

After gold was discovered on nearby Columbia Mountain in 1902, the town of Goldfield, NV ranked as one of the biggest and brightest mining towns in the west. In its boom year of 1906, the town’s mines produced $11 million in gold. A year later in 1907, the mines were generating close to $10,000.00 a day.

The earthquake-proof, four story, 154-room Goldfield Hotel was built on top of an abandoned gold mine in 1908 for $500,000.00. Being the finest lodging between Denver and San Francisco, the hotel was known as “The Gem in the Desert.”

When it opened in 1908, the hotel boasted an Otis elevator then considered the most modern lift of its kind West of the Mississippi. The Goldfield Hotel’s crystal chandeliers, elegant, mahogany-trimmed lobby with black leather upholstery, gold leaf ceilings and gilded columns rivaled the best hotels in San Francisco.

In an era when few homes or businesses had telephones or carpets, the extravagant hotel featured a sophisticated switchboard and a telephone in every guestroom. Meals were “exquisite European cuisine,” featuring oysters, quail and squid. Patrons came for dinner attired in formal clothing – black tie and tails and ball gowns

Once the largest city in Nevada, Goldfield was connected to the rest of the United States by five railroads and with Goldfield’s mines producing more than $10,000.00 a day at their peak, the town’s five banks thrived. Goldfield even had several mining stock exchanges and three newspapers. As the town boomed, its leaders were considering bringing in a trolley to run through downtown.

But, as the mines bled dry, the city lost its allure and the once splendid Goldfield Hotel ceased operation in the 1920’s. During WW II, the military took it over and added a few improvements that included a grill in order to house Army-Air Force wives whose husbands were stationed and training in the nearby remote desert.

At the end of the War, the Goldfield Hotel was once again abandoned and boarded up. Then in the 1980’s, a well-to-do new owner began to pour millions of dollars into modernizing the hotel. His dream to open the former “Gem in the Desert” in all its original splendor went broke before completion. He lost ownership to back property taxes. Vandals carried off most of the newly installed bathroom and light fixtures, eventually taking all but the bare walls.

Today the town of Goldfield is home to fewer than 300 residents, although remains the seat of Esmeralda County, which at fewer than 1,000 residents, is Nevada’s most sparsely populated county. There is no gas station, no bank, no grocery store and much less a newspaper, a far cry from when the city was known as the “Queen of Camps,” for its more than 25, 000 residents.

The Forlorn Elizabeth Haunts

With its glorious past, the ill-fated hotel remains the most prominent symbol of Goldfield’s former glory. But contributing to its ghostlike mood is the fact much of the original luxurious woodwork has been destroyed by vandals. All of the old fixtures stripped away through the years by modern day gold seekers and sold.

Before the hotel was privately purchased at auction for back taxes in August 2003, the Goldfield Historical Society opened the hotel for special “ghost” tours several times a year. Bringing famed as one of the “Scariest Places on Earth,” when the Fox network filmed an episode for Halloween by the same name that aired in October 2001.

During filming members of the crew reportedly observed a ghostly presence in the halls. Feeling unsettled, one crewmember left, refusing to go back inside. Later orbs (foggy ghostlike objects) were seen in several of the photographs taken inside, including my own photographs.

Since about 1910, room 109 has been considered haunted. Legend has it, that this room is haunted by a prostitute named Elizabeth, whom while pregnant was chained to the radiator in the room by the original hotel’s owner George Winfield.

Winfield was so angered when he discovered Elizabeth was pregnant; he denied her freedom to leave. Once her child was born, it was torn from her arms and discarded. Thrown into the cute of the abandoned gold mine over which the hotel was built.

With the disposal of Elizabeth’s child, Winfield left the young woman to die and for days, she cried out for mercy. Rescue never came, she found herself alone and abandoned. Fearing Winfield’s authority, hotel employees were afraid to come to Elizabeth’s rescue and hotel guests could not hear her because of the isolation of the room and the thickness of the walls.

Discover Why Structural Fabricators Are An Essential Part Of The Building Industry

Structural Fabricators supply and erect structural steel for civil engineering projects as well as residential and commercial construction. These can range from large projects such as nuclear and petrochemical plants to small residential work. Large developers as well as small individual contractors need their structural engineering services. They can fabricate and erect all forms of structural steel such as trusses, portal frames, extensions and cladding. Usually structural engineering services supply shop drawings with steel detailing for the fabricator to work from.

Structural Fabricators are essential for all sorts of new construction

Architectural metalwork can include balconies and stairways for housing developments. Commercial projects, such as shopping centres, may need fire escapes, walkways, security screens, cat ladders and balustrades fabricated. The architect of the project will need to enlist the services of an engineer for the structural design of the metalwork for the project and then the Structural Fabricators can manufacture and build the steelwork on site.

Structural Fabricators also produce beams and posts for houses, flats and other types of commercial buildings. After initial site surveys are completed steel calculations and drawings are done for the posts and beams required for the job. These can range from simple columns to more intricate cranked beams and hips. The fabricator can supply these beams and other members and then may assist the building contractor in their installation in the structure.

Steel road and rail bridges need maintenance and strengthening. This may involve temporary propping of the existing bridge to allow this work to be done. Structural Fabricators can do the bridge jacking. So once a bridge has been propped the rivets can be removed and replaced, plates renewed and other refurbishments done to bring the bridge up to the necessary specifications. This maintenance is essential to maintain the structural integrity of the steel bridge.

Sometimes buildings need structural alterations and renovations. Structural Fabricators can liaise with engineers to facilitate the alterations of large steel framed buildings. After consultation with an engineer, steel detail drawings can be made for the manufacture of new structural steel members which are needed for the renovation. The redundant steel members can then be removed and replaced with the new steel work. A sound structural design is necessary when carrying out alterations on large steel structures.

Another service which can be provided by Structural Fabricators is the propping of a building. Often temporary structural propping is required during building construction. Existing structures also will require temporary propping during renovations or extensions. Much of this work is carried out underground by using structural bracing frames and needle beams. Reusable, off the shelf, propping systems are also leased by some Structural Fabricators. These can be economical for short term projects. Fabricating specialized structural steel bracing frames may prove more economical for longer term projects. These props are often used in conjunction with hydraulic cylinder jacks to hold the frames securely in place. Once the propping is completed the work should be checked and approved by a qualified engineer. Once the work is completed and the structure is sound experienced workers should dismantle and remove all the propping materials.

Self Service Portals and the Modern Service Desk

There are two main hurdles to be overcome when rolling out a Self Service portal for your service desk.

The portal must be accessible and simple to use.
The portal must provide a real benefit to the client and the service desk.

First of all the portal must be simple attractive and easily available for clients to log in to.

It should be an easy to enter URL, ideally linked from a corporate intranet site so customers can find it when they need it. Where possible it should use some form of automatic authentication so the client does not need to remember their login ID and password to gain access.

Once a client is logged in to the site it should be very straight forward to navigate. Any site that requires training to be provided to the client before they can use it is not going to appeal to the majority and will not be universally accepted. Remember that in an ideal situation most clients will rarely access the site and will not remember the details of how to raise a request if it is not obvious.

Now that you have the client logged in and the site is straight forward and easy to navigate, you have to provide some real value in terms of the capabilities offered. What can the client do when they get there? What kinds of services are available through the site? If the client can only perform a small subset of the tasks they might need to do and they have to resort to phoning the service desk for everything else, they are quickly going to side step the Self Service portal and head straight for the phone. You need to provide a good service catalogue so the client can see what services they can sign up for and what they are already subscribed to. The client needs to be able to raise a request for support or for additional services quickly and easily and they need to be lead, step by step, through providing the information necessary to fulfill that request.

If a client logs a request through the Self Service portal you need to gather as much relevant information as possible from them during the request process so that the request can be fulfilled without necessitating a call back for more information. This should be done using a question and answer session in the form of a wizard style interaction gently leading the client through the process and asking only relevant questions in a logical order. Presenting the client with a large form with a dozen or so fields to be filled in before they can continue will overwhelm most non technical staff and will lead to bad or incomplete information and dissatisfaction with the experience resulting in clients resorting to the phone instead of using the Self Service portal. The aim is to get clients comfortable with the process and to the point where they would rather use the Self Service portal than the telephone because they like the experience. Many portals are only used because it takes too long to get to a real person and not because the portal offers any real benefits. This does nothing to improve the clients’ perception of the service desk.

Offering a full list of services available and a good knowledge base for Self Help will go a long way to making the client want to use the Self Service portal in preference to calling for a live person. The services should be described to the client in a way that they can understand. Any costs involved that are the responsibility of the client should be detailed so the client knows what they are signing up for.

Well produced knowledge material is structured and presented in a uniform way. The articles should be written in language that all clients can understand and they should provide good quality information and procedural steps that can be easily followed. Knowledge should be readily searchable to ensure that clients can find an article with a wide variety of search criteria. When documenting fixes for error messages the articles should always include any error codes in the key words for the search as well as common descriptive terms that clients might use.

The subject of a Knowledge article is not restricted to solving a technical problem. An article describing how to sign up for a service and what that service provides can help a client decide what to sign up for.

Part of the development of any system is defining what data to track and for what purpose. With a Self Service portal you will need to gather as much information as you can from the client to allow you to fulfill the request but a lot of this information is not required for reporting or even searching functions. It does not need a custom field in the database for every question asked in every wizard. Most of the information gathered will be used in a purely informational context to allow the service desk resources to complete their tasks and should be embedded in a text field. Using a wizard to gather information can do this in a structured way so it is still possible to extract data if necessary but it allows the system to gather highly customized data sets for each different request without creating an enormous number of extra database fields most of which are rarely used at all. As your questions are presented to the client the answers should make use of drop downs, radio buttons and check boxes to present choices wherever possible. These help the client choose the correct answer and ensure quality of data for your support staff to work from. They can also be used to trigger workflow components where freeform text is not suitable due to the wide range of interpretation that can result.

Indian Real Estate, Property Portals and the 21st Century Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents? Hasn’t the internet gotten rid of them yet?

I hear this question all the time. Most people assume that property portals in India are working towards eliminating agents and facilitating direct interaction between seller and buyer. Though this is partially correct, real estate agents are the biggest customers of these portals and the portals are doing their bit to facilitate their growth. We interact with agents every day and we see most of them are doing good business. I want to take some time and explain the dynamics behind Indian real estate, the role agents’ play and how the role of agents’ is going to change in the future.

Note – Throughout this article, I’ve focused only on the rental and resale market and not gone into sale of new property by builders as the dynamics of that market are radically different. Also, the scope of this article is limited to Indian Real Estate.

“MakeMyTrip has eliminated travel agents. So why hasn’t the same happened to real estate agents?”

One needs to understand that ticketing is now a point-and-click industry – travel agents have been replaced by computers. The process of getting information about the journey AND purchasing the tickets can be done on the internet. Real estate is fundamentally an offline process. Though information aggregation is an important part of it, site visits, negotiations and paperwork all need to be done offline. Even from an owner/sellers perspective, renting out/selling a home isn’t as simple as listing it online – the process can stretch for months. This is where real estate agents step in – in guiding customers through the offline part of the transaction, bringing both parties to agree to the terms and finishing off the paper work.

Why aren’t property portals trying to eliminate agents and become virtual middlemen?

A property portal provides a platform for a seller and a buyer to interact (A seller can be an owner, builder or an agent). If we eliminate agents from this equation, portals are left with a C2C platform with property owners being the only source of inventory. Though many prefer a scenario like this, we need to figure out how the platform provider is going to monetize from this setup. They have the following options –

Listing fees – They can collect a fee from the owner/seller to list their property. There are few owners who’re willing to pay for premium listings (last time I checked, about 5% of owners listing online were willing to pay) but this is simply not enough to sustain the business. Indian consumers are ready to use a service which is free (free listings) OR pay for a service once it’s rendered (brokerage) but are not OK with anything in between.

Charge property seekers to get owner information – Another option would be to charge property seekers a fee to give them information about the owner who’s listed. This also isn’t a sustainable option because owners who list online tend to list on multiple portals and you can always finds a portal which gives you the owners information for free.

Brokerage fee when the deal is closed – This would be a great monetization scheme that everyone would be willing to pay for, but is very hard to implement. To do this, portals need to keep track of every deal that closes offline and that would be next to impossible.

There might be more options, but I don’t really see them becoming huge ‘revenue making machines’. Running a real estate portal is a VERY expensive affair and portals would need a solid revenue stream to offset that cost.

This is where Real Estate Agents step in: Agents are willing to spend good money to market their properties on a platform which would give them good leads. Property portals see this as a steady, sustainable revenue stream. This, seemingly, is a match made in heaven.

So, you’re saying property portals have made no dent in the brokerage industry?

Undoubtedly, they have. In a BIG way! With many owners listing their properties online, agents are starting to feel the heat. Coupled with the fact that the number of real estate agents has almost tripled in the last few years, you’ll see that the average real estate agent earned a LOT less in 2014 that he did in 2011. Agents are beginning to realize that there’s a paradigm shift and it’s time to mend their ways, before the game gets taken out of their hands. There needs to be a shift in their mentality and it needs to happen NOW.

Role of the 21st century real estate agent

10 years back, agents pretty much charged money for information arbitrage – “I have the contact information of the owner/tenant and you need to pay me money to get this contact” was the mantra and it has worked. A disproportionate amount of money was charged for this seemingly simple service and the world went on without a qualm primarily because there was no alternative. But now there is. Increased owner listings on portals, multifold increase in number of real estate agents, internal portals in corporate companies which help employees find accommodation, Facebook groups, etc. have all impacted the brokerage industry and there needs to be an overhaul.

“What’s dangerous is to not evolve, not invent and not continuously improve customer experience” – Every Realtor in the country needs to latch these words said. Information arbitrage can no longer be the game real estate agents play – We’re moving towards a world where access to information is getting easier and this cannot remain the USP of why a property seeker goes to a real estate agent. I believe agents need to adopt the following practices –

Save time for your customers – In today’s world, nobody has time to do things (even if they do have time, people don’t want to spend their time house hunting). Saving time for your customers is probably the best value-add an agent can provide. Be up-to-date on the latest inventory that is available in the locality. If you’re not confident if the customer will like your property, just tell them so! Don’t drag them to a dingy apartment they’ll never never be interested in – they’ll lose trust in your sense of judgment and never come back to you again. Learn to truly understand what your customer wants, be equipped to find the most relevant inventory, accompany them during site visits and close the deal. A really good agent should be able to close a rental requirement in 7 days and a resale requirement in 1 month, tops.

How To Hide Gold At Home And How NOT To Hide Gold or Silver

Once you decide to buy Gold, you likely wonder how to hide Gold at home or where to hide it. Do you hide precious metals IN the house or out in the backyard? What are the various considerations?

The last thing you want to do is lose the Gold and Silver you worked hard to pay for.

Most people are concerned with having their metals stolen, but actually that is not the only potential risk to your Gold coin stash.

While having boxes of Gold coins worth millions stacked in the garage of a deceased man makes the news, few people are willing to trust their wealth to such a simple manner of storage and expect it to be as safe as his was.

Hiding In Plain Sight

What that old timer did is known as hiding in plain sight. You may recall the movie “Matchstick Men” where Nicolas Cage’s character had lots of cash stored in a ceramic dog right there in the living room. After all, most burglars head to the master bedroom, I think, expecting valuables to be there.

The risk with hiding in plain sight is that someone will accidentally stumble over it and then… it’s likely going to be gone. Maybe a friend or even a relative who is ordinarily honest simply cannot overcome such an extreme temptation.

Further, there is no protection against fire, tornado or hurricane with such a strategy.

Hiding Gold In Your Home

If you have a home with any kind of “unfinished” area that is accessible, like an attic or an unfinished basement, there are practically unlimited places you could hide Gold and Silver in your house that no one would ever find.

Knowing how to hide Gold at home is not as difficult as knowing what NOT to do or what risks you may not be considering.

You can even take steps to thwart a metal detector, such as planting lots of “false positives” like steel rods, aluminum, copper and brass in areas where the Gold coins are and where they are not.

PVC pipe is probably the easiest to work with, a task most homeowners could successfully tackle. Simply “T” onto a real pipe with another piece (sealed off) that looks like it belongs but dead ends in a wall or ceiling.

Blown in attic insulation, or even bats on insulation give you almost infinite places to hide some Gold coins in your home or even a fair quantity of Silver.

Problems, though, still exist. In a fire, Gold and Silver will not burn up but they can melt into unrecognizable form and lose a considerable amount of value. Even the firemen could find and walk away with them.

A tornado or hurricane could carry your precious metal into the next county or even just scatter Gold and Silver coins all over your block or farm.

Hiding Gold In Your Backyard

When you bury Gold or Silver coins and bars in your backyard it is often referred to as “midnight gardening” because you do not want to be seen doing it in the daylight.

That said, if someone DOES see you out at night with a shovel they are either going to suspect you of burying SOMEONE or SOMETHING of value.

A plausible reason to be digging, done in daylight, can often be a better approach.

There was an article by a popular Gold and Silver website suggesting that you can hide your Gold coins in fake rocks, hollowed out logs or other places around the outside of your home.

None of these appeals to us simply because they are not “nailed down” adequately.

I would much rather bury Gold, Silver or cash and if necessary put a large rock on top of it that could only be moved with my compact tractor than have one of those $150 fiberglass rocks that people hide irrigation valves under that can be easily found by accident (looking for the shutoff) or even found when someone decides to steal that expensive fake rock!

Make Sure You Do NOT Do This!

Whether you are considering hiding Gold at home in the house or out in the yard there is another risk that many do not adequately consider or plan for, and that is the risk that you will forget about it when you move or your untimely death leaves no way for heirs to find it.

You absolutely MUST leave a map of some sort for yourself (think Alzheimer’s) or your designated heirs.

Additionally, though, should you sell your home there is so much going on between tasks to get done and the stress of everything that one actually CAN FORGET about the Gold or Silver coins you have hidden in your house or in the yard.

What Kind Of Container Can I Bury Gold At Home In?

Any time you decide you want to hid Gold, Silver or other valued items outside you need to make sure you do so in a completely weather proof container.

Much has been said about PVC; taking a length of 3, 4 or 6 inch PVC pipe and gluing a cap on each end. Yes, that will work to seal your valuables from the weather but it does not offer you access without cutting the pipe each time resulting in a shorter and shorter “safe” each time and buying more PVC fittings.

Wireless Security Cameras Can Protect Your Home And Work Place

CCTV camera systems have become a necessity with crimes on the rise. Just as technology is advancing so is crime increasing at an alarming rate. Previously only hi-fi office places, big malls etc were installed with security systems. But in today’s fast changing world with innumerable individuals of different characteristics, the need for proper and advanced wireless security camera is not only limited to public places but even inside housing societies and individual homes.

Wireless CCTV camera has also proved beneficial for big industries, plants and other such places that cover vast areas, where it is impossible to keep track of each and every employee. Installation of proper surveillance strategies, alarm systems etc can go a long way in preventing accidents or any other unforeseen mishap. It is also an effective way to keep track of the activities of different workers. Installation of proper surveillance networking inside homes and residential places can also help to prevent burglaries or any other serious attacks. Especially homes with small children can benefit immensely by installing CCTV camera systems so that any intruders or kidnappers do not get the chance to harm the child.

Various individuals who have attractive gardens with different fruit plants etc also install outdoor wireless CCTV camera to keep trespassers from entering. Therefore while purchasing such a type of camera it is mandatory to make sure that the whole equipment is water proof and can withstand all types of weather since they will be installed outdoors. Another important requisite is that the cameras should project high quality images that are clear and sharp.

Business owners also benefit largely from such gadgets since they can stay at any part of the world and still watch at what’s happening in their office by using a web browser and installing a wireless internet security camera inside their office. This also helps to keep track of lazy workers, prevent any untoward incident in the office and see that daily routine work is carried out. Shopping malls, big departmental stores etc have benefited largely by installing such systems since they have been successful in nabbing various shop lifters. Similarly, parking lots have shown a decrease in car thefts and car accessories and also attacks on unsuspecting travelers or tourists after the advent of CCTV camera systems.

How to Begin Working From Home and Make Money

Since you made it here we imagine you’re ready to start working from home. Unfortunately you’ve heard the horror stories of individuals coming online and ending up wasting more time and money than they could ever imagine. Today we’re going to help you keep this from happening. However, if you don’t stick to the plan you might as well pack up the laptop and go back to your day job.

Figure Out What you Want

Understanding what you want from the Internet is one of the most important things you need to have in the beginning. You can’t just jump on here and say, “I want to make money.” Instead, think about how much money you want to make a month. Keep in mind if you say $3,000 you aren’t going to be making this the first few months. So keep that as your long term goal, but make month to month short term ones as well.

Choose What You Want to Do

There are plenty of ways to make money from home, and it doesn’t always mean doing something online. Maybe you want to paint, write, or sell vegetables from your garden. Heck, we know lots of people who get into the babysitting business. If you do want to try something online you can sell your own items, someone else’s, promote through affiliation, or a host of other avenues.

Finding the Right Niche

A niche if you have heard is the particular area you’ll be investing your time and money in online. Maybe it’s green peppers, weight loss techniques, or golf apparel. While just finding your new industry will be helpful, we also recommend narrowing it down. So if you want to get into the weight loss industry, maybe you could shrink it down to natural weight losses methods. The more popular something is with the least amount of competition, the better off you will be.

Choosing your Avenue of Existence

Some people build websites, other people build blogs, and some have neither. You will have to decide what the best route for you is as far as convenience and making money online. Remember, if you have the first two, this is where potential customers will be directed. If you don’t want to mess with a website or blog, you’ll most likely use social networking platforms like MySpace to build profiles of your niche.

The Promotional Strategies

By now you’ve probably come across several different ways to promote a product. It might be through building lists off of your website, bringing out informative information and sending it through directories to link back to your site or blog, or even invest a little money in a ppc campaign. There are several ways to utilize your laptop or computer in positive manner for each of these areas.

Free Hit and Traffic Strategies – 3 Surefire Ways to Boost Site Visitors

When it comes to driving targeted traffic to your website or squeeze pages, free traffic is in many ways the best traffic you can produce. You won’t bleed your working capital dry using free website traffic generation methods, and if done right the traffic you produce can be laser targeted to your particular niche.

To make the following free hit and traffic strategies work best, you should consider putting together a free report or email-delivered eCourse for your niche. This can easily be done by combining articles either you have written yourself or obtain rights to through a ghost writer, article directories, etc.

Of course, you’ll be mentioning your main website address in the report for redirect purposes as well. Once you have your free report and squeeze page put together, there are some great ways to offer this information to your site visitors and generate list members and/or product sales.

Here are some recommended free hit and traffic strategies:

Webmaster Interaction

Having a link displayed on a top-ranking website in your niche is a great way to drive targeted, free traffic to your site. Simply do a natural search on your search term (Fly Fishing, Gardening, etc.) and pull up the top sites in your niche. Contact the webmaster and offer them a commission every time they send you a visitor that confirms their subscription to your report or eCourse and purchases a paid offer.

Or, you could offer them free advertising in your report in exchange for a link to your squeeze page. Make sure you let them know this report will going out to hundreds or thousands of people that would be interested in their site. What webmaster wouldn’t want that?

Yahoo Groups

Another great way to generate free website traffic is to join a Yahoo Group that pertains to your particular niche. Once a member, spend a few weeks getting to know the other members of the group and participating in some of the topic discussions that are taking place.

After you have contributed to the forum discussions and established yourself as a valuable member of the community, it would be perfectly fine to mention you have a free report available that you feel would be of benefit to the membership.

This is a great way to increase your exposure, since many groups have tens of thousands of members. What better way to get laser targeted free traffic to your squeeze page?


This is another excellent way to bring free traffic to your website or squeeze page. You can even paste your opt-in form for your report or eCourse right on your MySpace page and save yourself the trouble of building a squeeze page.

Make sure you build your profile and home page in a manner that coincides with your particular niche. That way the traffic you receive will be targeted nicely for you. Invite people you meet through MySpace forums and groups to be your “friend” and the chances are much better that they will subscribe through your opt-in form.

Quick and Easy Strategies on How to Make Money From Home

With the condition of the economy at present, a lot of people are trying to find strategies on how to make money from home. Therefore, one will not be surprised on the number of people who are resorting to the internet in order to make ends meet.

Here are some of the quick and easy strategies that you can do in order to make money from home. This will not definitely make you rich, but you may earn enough money in a month that will pay the groceries, the cable bill, the car payment or more.

Be a Freelancer
There are various sources on line where you can search for a freelance work. Most of the time they are looking for part-time or full-time home based programmer, writer, graphic designer and the choices are endless. You will have a good shot if you are good in these fields. You can review all the requests for bids and put in your best price and explanation of services offered. There is usually a commission paid to the Freelance website only after you are awarded the job.

Answering Online Surveys/ Product Evaluation/ Read Emails
There are a number of companies out there who are receiving thousands of emails daily that they are required to read. This is a good opportunity for people who are patient in reading a number of emails, or testing some products or even answering surveys. You will be paid per assignment basis and even the rate will not be that high, at least you will still gain some money. Be careful there are many scams in their arena – be sure to look for testimonials. Do not pay for this service, if you have to pay a commission that is one thing, but do not pay up front.

Selling EBooks
If you are good in a particular field like cooking, training dogs, gardening or other things, you can write an informational eBook and sell it online. You can present your craft on Craigslist, eBay or you can create a PayPal order section in order for you to advertise and sell your products. There are various methods to drive traffic to your site. If you do not have an idea for a product then you can purchase a pre-made product called a Private Label Rights product and the only work for you to do is to drive traffic to your site.